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Advertising and Promoting your Escort Website

| Blog | June 17, 2010

If you want to post an escort advert, photo studio, beer bar or anything else with an URL we require that you link back to us first. Once you linked back one time, you are free to post your URL in the advert. We will not approve the advert or simply delete the URL link if you not provide a back link.
Users that keep posting URL or affiliate links without a valid link back to our websites will be blocked from posting and all adverts will be deleted.

If you do not want to link back you can also upgrade to premium user, please see this post how to upgrade.

Banner Space

We also sale banner space please contact us if you are interested in advertising on our site, we are one of the fastest growing Escort sites in Asia.


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Make Money Online

| Blog | May 6, 2010

If you are an escort or have, a few escorts you might want to make more money by doing webcam with the girls and boys. Not everybody can travel to where you are located but still might want to see your escorts and talk to him or her.

If you have a website and contacts within the escorts business, you can also promote the webcam business to them and get commission for doing so.
The AWE webcam business was recently on BBC for being the biggest cam business in the world of Internet and we think they are the best in the business.
They have some great promotions like lifetime commission of 20% if you refer a first time Web Cam user from your website. You can also choose to get cash straight for every sign up.
The money is paid by VISA card straight to your ATM every month on time.

This is a private invite club for new members since 2009 but if you use the coupon “Hakindah” they will let you in.
You can click on the banner below as well and don’t forget to use coupon “Hakindah”

If you just want to open a studio or become a Web Cam girl or Boy you can click on this banner below and still use “Hakindah” as a referral i will help you with promotion.